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Our Approach

Our Sessions
Our sessions take place in The Schoolroom, a relaxed and child-friendly environment where lessons are engaging and fun, yet focused. In our professional opinion, we believe that children make the most progress when they feel relaxed in their surroundings and are engaged in learning.

Our modern approach to teaching and learning ensures that all our students feel comfortable and inspired. In turn, this results in them reaching their potential in a learning space where they feel valued and safe. Click below for more information on the different sessions we offer.

Small Groups
At The Schoolroom, we keep our groups small which allows for each child to receive 1:1 interaction with the teacher. This ensures that we are able to formatively-assess each child within every session and tailor the teaching to meet their individual needs.

Children also benefit from interacting with each other, collaborating to solve problems and share ideas. We find that by working in intimate groups, children not only receive the individual support that they require, but also push each other towards achieving high standards.

Working with Parents
We are strong believers that having a solid support system in place for children, is the key to their success; both mentally and emotionally. When all parties work together - parent, teacher and child – the child has the best chance of achieving their potential. We work closely in partnership with you, the parent; providing weekly feedback and continuous support and advice for both you and your child with their ongoing academic journey.

For more information about how we can help your child, contact us directly now.